Replicaaaaaaaaa or not

The 21 year old man had just gotten out of a convention for fon tech. It was the annual convention for the fontechies out there and he had never missed a single one. All the inventions and gadgets made him giddy like a little school girl. There was also fewer women there which was always a plus for Guy. 

Once returning to his new home in Grand Chokmah, he took a long shower and sat in his bed. There was one thing wrong with this picture though, the house was unlocked, the servants didn’t welcome him back, and things were not where he last left them. What was going on?

He sought out the answer only to run into a doppelganger of himself. 

"That’s a pretty good costume you got there. Might I ask how you got into my home?" He questioned, thinking that there was no way it could be a replica. It just had to be somebody that admired him and dressed up like him… fomicry was dead.. right? Right….

Who wants to RP with this “Guy.” I want to get back onto the account and give Marta a break, so who wants to get a starter? (answer if you do) ?

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  • Hey guy, how do think luke and tear's babies are gonna look like

    "Hmm. Well I’m still not entirely sure if Luke is even fertile being a replica and all. Jade hasn’t really given us the discussion about it. In fact he tends to avoid it."

    "But I could imagine they will have long burgundy or brown. Either hazel or green eyes… You know, maybe they’d look like Luke’s mother, Suzanne."

    "It’s still too early to make speculations though. Let the couple be a couple first."

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"You seem lost Miss. Is there some way I can help you out maybe?"



"…I’m gonna go with no? I’m sure you’re flicking between languages now, Mal-what? Chok-who? Kim-where?"

Hmm, this was odd. The girl had no idea where any of these locations were. Maybe she was a replica? It was possible. The only difference was she had a perfect understanding of language.

"I’m not speaking different languages. Those are the major empires of Auldrant… which is the planet you’re on. Either you’re from another world, or you’re a replica."

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"Uh, yeah, actually —I’m a little lost. Any way you could help a girl out?"

"You’re currently at the capital of Malkuth known as Grand Chokmah. I’m kinda surprised you didn’t know that. Are you from Kimlasca?"

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"Hello Miss. The name’s Guy. How can I help you?"

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  • Hey, Guy, I'd like to know how the life as a noble is. :D Furthermore, don't you feel lonely? I mean, there's no one else around in Malkuth that you know well or like, is there?

    "It actually aint half bad. It sure beats having to pick up after House Fabre as a servant. But, since I know what that’s like, I actually work with my servants to maintain the house."

    "Well, all my friends were killed when Hod went into the Quliphoth, so I really never had friends in Malukth. I do now of course. There is Jade, his Majesty, and a few more."

    "I frankly think my life is pretty good right now!"


So… I never go on Guy, nor do I see myself continuing on with him. Its been almost 2 years so of course this decision I’m considering is a bit tough. The question I have is, should I delete this account and start anew with a character that has caught my interest (princess natalia) or keep him here to collect dust?